We are Koas Foods BV, a company focussed on the production, import, export and cultivation of food for the West African, Caribbean and Asian markets in Europe and the United States. We supply Food products such as palm oil, drinks, herbs, flours, rice etc. to wholesalers across the world. We specialise in Ghana Yams as our only fresh product (also frozen).

We import and export a large part of our food products from Ghana, Nigeria, Surinam, India, China and Indonesia, where we have set up production facilities and joint ventures to make sure that we buy and produce directly from the source. We also import and export well known branded products, which are offered for sale on the local markets in West Africa, India, the Caribbean area, Surinam and North America, or we produce these in-house. We are in a position to supply at competitive rates throughout the entire year, as we have our own in-house production and packaging facilities.

Our strength lies in supplying ‘private labels’, but we have also developed various A brands such as, African Beauty, Fawaka Foods, Nandan Spices etc. Our frozen assortment consists of frozen fish, smoked and dried types of fish, tuberous plants, fruit and- vegetables frozen and coconut products. Mainly under our own brand FAWAKA foods and African Beauty. We have our own distribution network in the Benelux. We use various different transport companies to ensure our products are delivered right to your door in the other remaining European countries and the USA. We look forward to serve you.